Zoom Event Checklist

Development Tools: Canva

Development Time: 2 hours

My Role: Instructional Designer and Event Technologist

Client: Panda Mandarin Language Program

Collaborators: Event Coordinator

Summary: This checklist was created for the company's first public virtual event. It was a Lunar New Year event with over 200 participants from different parts of the world. There were limitations on Zoom Meeting features that the team and I had to work around to ensure the settings were done right before the event. This checklist has helped me to be more organized and have better control over the event. The event ended successfully and the stakeholder would like to keep this checklist for future use.


  • First public virtual event using Zoom Meeting.

  • The event had over 200 participants and most of them were children.

  • Managing the setting before the event was critical in order to avoid disruptions during the event.


  • The checklist contained a list of important settings to do before the start of the event and during the event.

  • It served as a reminder for the host to make sure nothing was missed.

  • It would be used for troubleshooting if problems happened.


  • The company was able to host a virtual event securely and smoothly.

  • The event had generated potential leads and business opportunities for the company.