Set Up an Ergonomic Workspace at Home


Development Tools: Articulate Rise

Development Time: 24 hours. This includes creating a course blueprint, writing a storyboard, sourcing and editing images, and developing the course in Articulate Rise.

My Role: Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer

Client: Panda Mandarin Language Program

Summary: This eLearning course serves as a guide to help remote workers identify what activity they do most in their job, evaluate their existing workspace, and identify what equipment they need to set up an ergonomic workspace.

Some ergonomic equipment can be very expensive. This course is designed with the affordability of equipment in mind so all remote workers can customize their workspace according to their needs and budget.


  • The transition from working on-site to working remotely happened very quickly. Many employees started working at home without a dedicated workspace.

  • Employees had a limited understanding of ergonomic.

  • Employees complained about neck and back pain after long hours of computer work.


  • Created a Rise course with videos and labelled graphics to show learners the correct and incorrect sitting posture.

  • Included interactive elements such as flip cards and drag-and-drop interactions to help learners evaluate their existing workspace and identify the equipment they need.

  • Provided an Equipment Infographic and a Take Action Template for learners to start setting up their workspace.

  • Designed a quiz to test learners’ knowledge.


  • Employees were able to create a comfortable and ergonomic workspace at home according to their needs and budget.