Introduction to Virtual Assistant

Development Tools: Articulate Rise, Vyond, Canva, Adobe Pro

My Role: Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer

Client: Alterna Savings

Summary: This is an introductory course to Alterna Virtual Assistant for Contact Centre agents. The agents will learn the features and navigation of Alterna Virtual Assistant from agents’ and members’ perspectives.


Practice Workbook / Facilitation Exercise

Unblu Storyboard.pdf
Alterna Virtual Assistant Practice Workbook.pdf


  • Selecting the relevant content from a complex software user guide

  • Testing the functions and navigation in a test environment


  • Worked with SMEs to create a list of features that will be used by the Contact Centre agents.

  • Helped clients and SMEs envision the course structure using a flow chart.


  • Contact Centre agents were able to assist members using the new virtual assistant app.