Script - How to start a Zoom virtual class.docx

Development Tools: Camtasia, Audacity, Canva, Snipping Tool

Development Time: 15 hours. This includes script writing, storyboarding, audio recording, screen recording, creating animated slides, and final creation on Camtasia.

My Role: Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer

Client: Panda Mandarin Language Program

Collaborators: Head Teacher as SME

Summary: The company was actively hiring new instructors to accommodate the increasing demand for virtual learning. However, the original onboarding video was an hour long and contained a substantial amount of information. Most instructors claimed it was overwhelming and ineffective. After conducting a needs analysis and gathering feedback from instructors who took the training before, this 5 minutes video was created as part of the onboarding training for new instructors.

By following the steps in this screencast video, new instructors will be able to

connect to their respective Zoom virtual class.

set up their class before learners enter the classroom.


  • Preparing and delivering onboarding training for new instructors was time-consuming.

  • The training material was too long and ineffective.


  • Identified the content that needed to be included in the onboarding training.

  • Organized the content into short modules.

  • Designed and developed a screencast tutorial to demonstrate the process of using Zoom to teach a virtual class.


  • Instructors were able to sign in to their respective Zoom classes without assistance.

  • Instructors were able to set up their class in a way that would minimize interruptions during the lesson.

  • The company had saved time and cost on training new instructors.